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Tip #9: Google's Vision for OpenCV
Google makes extensive use of OpenCV internally for their street view, map stitching and other image processing needs. They have recently contributed some of their code back to OpenCV in the form of Daniel Filip's C++ image wrapper class cvwimage. Look for cvwimage.h in the .../cxcore/include directory. This code came too late to be documented in the book, but we will document it on the website after we ourselves get more familiar with it. Google is interested in speed and minimizing bugs, so this class wraps IplImage and concentrates on these things:

1. Images are explicitly owned to avoid memory leak problems.
2. This class provides fast access to subregions of an image, especially lines. The member functions are only things that are very fast. To call most OpenCV functionality, you expose the pointer to the image and call the OpenCV functions as usual. That means, there is little learning curve with this class.
3. You can derive window pointers to sub regions of the original image.

Typically in Google, they allocate a huge image space and then put all their images that they are processing into sub-regions of this huge window (see the Region of Interest "ROI" discussion starting on the bottom of page 43 in the book). This huge window becomes their processing buffer and sub-regions are allocated and passed to OpenCV or Google functions for processing. Memory managment isn't much of a problem because only one routine "owns" the huge window so it's easy to manage when this is allocated or deallocated.

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from Onion

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard 늘 신선한  유저 인터페이스로 사용자들을 감동시켜주는 맥
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d200 reviews

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이미지 출처: 정은임추모사업회 ,
사용자 삽입 이미지

정은임 누나 어디계신지요?
고등학교때 독서실에서 마치고 와서 라디오를 키면 누나 목소리가 있었죠....
그 당시에는 저에겐  TV매체보다 라디오가 저의 사춘기를 어우르던 시절이엇죠...
고운 목소리 누나~~~

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Cool Google Search Trick - Watch more free videos

This is a pretty simple search trick that makes it very easy and efficient to search for files that are often more difficult to find.
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The inventor of the multitouch screen that influenced the iPhone displays his work

from TR
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The EMD computes the distance between two distributions, which are represented by signatures. The signatures are sets of weighted features that capture the distributions. The features can be of any type and in any number of dimensions, and are defined by the user.
The EMD is defined as the minimum amount of work needed to change one signature into the other. The notion of "work" is based on the user-defined ground distance which is the distance between two features. The size of the two signatures can be different. Also, the sum of weights of one signature can be different than the sum of weights of the other (partial match). Because of this, the EMD is normalized by the smaller sum.

open code

review EMD paper!!!
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