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Quasi is able to hold flowing conversation with people and displayemotion by changing the colour of his eyelids and antenna and movinghis antenna.

The conversation quasi is having in this video isamazing, It's so good a part of me suspects there may be a person underthe table, But Carnegie Mellon University aren't going to lie to us,are they?

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"The YouTube team has built an exciting and powerful media platform that complements Google's mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful," Google chief executive Eric Schmidt said in a statement.

"Together, we are natural partners to offer a compelling media entertainment service to users, content owners and advertisers."

YouTube soared to online popularity after its launch in February 2005. The company claims that more than 100 million videos are watched daily by visitors to the free website, which features a content ranging from silly home videos to snippets of Hollywood films, television shows and concerts.

"Our community has played a vital role in changing the way that people consume media, creating a new clip culture," said YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley.

"By joining forces with Google, we can benefit from its global reach and technology leadership to deliver a more comprehensive entertainment experience for our users and to create new opportunities for our partners."

YouTube will continue to operate independently with its headquarters in San Bruno, California, after the acquisition is complete, according to Google. All of YouTube's 65 employees were to remain with the company.

In unofficial Silicon Valley tradition, YouTube was launched on its meteoric rise from a garage. In its first foray seeking external funds, the company raised 3.5 million dollars from Sequoia Capital in November 2005. In the newest deal, though, Google will pay for YouTube with shares of its own high-flying stock.

Analysts have touted a Google purchase of YouTube as a symbiotic alliance. By purchasing YouTube, Google would be able to apply its proven prowess for generating revenue through online advertising.

YouTube meanwhile will provide Google traction in the online video-sharing market, where Google's own video service has failed to take off.

"This is the next step in the evolution of the Internet," Schmidt said in a telephone press conference from "YouTube's world headquarters."

"It is a natural next step," Schmidt said in the conference, joined by Hurley, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, and other Google executives.

"With Google's technology and search leadership we will have the resources to take our services to the next level," Chen said. "We believe this is just the beginning."

Hurley downplayed his previous public mantra that YouTube was not for sale, saying that the point was that the website remains independent and had the resources to thrive.

Google said that it was drawn to YouTube because it was the clear market leader and had put together a "remarkable team" in a short time.

"We think one of the keys to comprehensive search experience will be video," said Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

"On the whole it is hard to me to imagine a better fit with another company. YouTube really reminds me of Google just a few short years ago."

Google said that the reason the deal was done as a stock trade was to provide YouTube owners a tax break while making the takeover "cheaper" for the Mountain View, California, online search powerhouse.

The deal is expected to be culminated by year-end provided it clears regulatory requirements.

"We feel we arrived at a purchase price that is very fair and it is a great value that has been created," said Google vice president David Drummond.

The blockbuster deal was announced on the same day that Google and YouTube unveiled agreements with major studios to post copyrighted music videos online.

The deals were seen as efforts to pre-empt accusations of rampant copyright infringement at the online video-sharing sites and enlist studios as potential beneficiaries of the trend.

All of the new agreements will rely on advertising to generate revenues by encouraging users to click on companies' links alongside the videos.

YouTube was putting new systems in place to "fingerprint" copyrighted material so it could be tracked, Hurley said.

"We are committed to develop tools that help identify content and monetize it in new ways," Hurley said.

Google and YouTube engineers already have dozens of ideas for handling ads, search, and videos, according to Schmidt.

"Most people believe that this is just the beginning of a video Internet revolution," Schmidt said. "I think there is a whole new ecosystem and we are expecting to be a part of it."

Meanwhile, Google Video "will not go away now, or ever," Schmidt said.

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The story opens with Miles Harding, an architect who envisions a brick shaped like a jigsaw puzzle piece that could withstand earthquakes.Seeking a way to get organized, he buys a home computer (made by thefictitious company Pinecone Computers) and begins to develop his idea.

While Miles is attempting to download data from a minicomputerat work, the computer begins to overheat. In a state of panic, Milespours a nearby bottle of champagne over the machine. Instead ofdestroying it, this has the bizarre effect of bringing the computer tolife.

The remainder of the movie deals with a bizarre love trianglebetween Miles, his computer, and a cellist named Madeline. The computerincreasingly invades Miles' affairs leading to several scenes of publicembarrassment.

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Old school search company Lycos will announce this morning that it’s partnering with video search company Blinkx to power video search on The video search feature is available now.Everybody wants to nail down video search these days, but Blinkx hassome interesting technology. This is the second move by Lycos we’vereported on this month - new giant email rivaling Gmail’s storage was the first.

Blinkxstands out because it indexes not just text metadata but also thespoken word in video footage via speech recognition. The companyreported this summer that it’s now indexed more than 4 million hours ofaudio and video content. Thus the new Lycos video search page alsoincludes the option to search audio content as well. It’s a lot like Podzingerfrom TVEyes but for international video, with an emphasis oneducational content. Blinkx CTO Suranga Chandratillake told me todaythat if it’s Brittany Spears you want then it’s Brittany Spears you’llget at Blinkx - but if it’s a particular phrase being used byCondaleeza Rice on TV, then Blinkx’s technology is really what you arelooking for. Just search once and subscribe to the results feed,because you don’t want to go back more than once to the site until itundergoes the redesign Chandratillake tells me is coming. (The UI isinjurious.)

Google Video isn’t actually a Google (search the web) for video,Chandratillake says, and so Blinkx seeks to be. I like Blinkx’s searchresults, I’ve subscribed to several feeds from them for some time and Igo to them every time I want to do news video search. I hope that theemerging importance of video search will propel them, or someone withsimilar technology, past the world of trashy content and marginalpartnerships. Perhaps this deal with Lycos will be a good freshbeginning in a new era when video search is believed to be important.

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Image and shape descriptors
- Affine invariant features
- Comparison of feature descriptors
- Shape context

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Linux is rapidly gaining popularity as a desktop operating system.Its market share of desktops is rapidly growing. Whenever you thinkabout Linux as a Desktop operating system, your first considerationshould be Linux multimedia application. Linux has tons of multimediaapplication but selecting and finding all application is a bigchallenge. If you use Linux as a desktop everyday then this book is foryou. It will answer essential question such as how to take screen shotor covert image format from command line and much more.

In nutshell, this book is all about Linux Multimedia hacks, authorKyle Rankin have done a superb job of illustrating the best availablemultimedia tools/apps so you can maximize the entertainmentcapabilities under Linux. It include killer tips and tricks forconnecting to iPods, creating MP3s, watching and making DVDs, turningyour Linux box into a MythTV (Tivo) and much more.

The best thing about this book is you do not have to be a Linuxguru. Any one with basic knowledge of Linux can go ahead with thisbook’s step-by-step instruction to accomplish task. The book is dividedinto five easy-to-understand chapters:

  1. Images: Tips range from basic image edits (like removing red eye)to automated image manipulation. It also includes very nice coverage ofdigital camera especially the Pulling Images from a Digital Camera andmanaging them with f-spot application.
  2. Audio: It include audio format conversion, tweaking metadata withinaudio files, burning cds, using an iPOD with linux and coverage ofother portable audio players.
  3. Video: Creating your own VCD or DVDs is a real fun. It includes rip& encoding of DVD and VCD, coverage of multimedia players and muchmore.
  4. Broadcast Media: I think this is the best chapter of this book. Itincludes how to access and create you own web broadcasts as well aswatch and record TV. Amazing information tips for cutting commercialsfrom TV and broadcasting or podcastsing from command line.
  5. Web: Learn how to make your multimedia creations available to theworld. Perhaps this chapter every new Linux desktop user should readfirst. It includes very good information such as installing flashplayers, real players, watching video within FireFox, making aninternet phone calls or even using Linux as a PBX.

However, please note that most examples written for RPM baseddistribution such as Red Hat Linux or Fedora Linux or Suse Linux.Nevertheless, you can easily replace all rpm command with apt-getLaughing
The best part is you can select the topic of your interest. Afterreading this book, you will not just agree that Linux is most powerfulmultimedia platforms around, but has far more capabilities and featuresthan you ever imagined. You will enjoy it everyday. This is one of thebest resources of information related to multimedia applications.


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bu="";mkdir -p ~/YouTube;cd ~/YouTube;read -p "YouTube url? " ur;read -p "Name? " nv
wget ${ur} -O /tmp/y1;uf=${bu}`grep player2.swf /tmp/y1 | cut -d? -f2 | cut -d\" -f1`;wget "${uf}" -O /tmp/y.flv
ffmpeg -i /tmp/y.flv -ab 56 -ar 22050 -b 500 -s 320x240 ${nv}.mpg;rm /tmp/y.flv; rm /tmp/y1;rm gmon.out; exit

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