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media2009.01.06 13:53
from Onion

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard 늘 신선한  유저 인터페이스로 사용자들을 감동시켜주는 맥
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d200 reviews


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The inventor of the multitouch screen that influenced the iPhone displays his work

from TR
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from robotics.stanford.edu

The EMD computes the distance between two distributions, which are represented by signatures. The signatures are sets of weighted features that capture the distributions. The features can be of any type and in any number of dimensions, and are defined by the user.
The EMD is defined as the minimum amount of work needed to change one signature into the other. The notion of "work" is based on the user-defined ground distance which is the distance between two features. The size of the two signatures can be different. Also, the sum of weights of one signature can be different than the sum of weights of the other (partial match). Because of this, the EMD is normalized by the smaller sum.

open code

review EMD paper!!!
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media2007.06.01 09:49

  • Steve Jobs
  • Steve Ballmer
  • Steve Case
  • John Chambers
    Cisco Systems
from wsj

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media2007.05.09 18:15

CHI 2008 focuses on the balance between art and science, design and research, practical motivation and the process that leads the way to innovative excellence. It is about balance in our rapidly evolving field, the balance between individuals and groups, collocated and remote, stationary and mobile, in both our local and global communities.

CHI 2008 will be held in Florence, Italy, birthplace of the Renaissance, and home to great artists and scientists. This is the city of Leonardo Da Vinci, who spoke of balance in saying “where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”

from http://www.chi2008.org/index.html

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media2006.10.23 00:54

Quasi is able to hold flowing conversation with people and displayemotion by changing the colour of his eyelids and antenna and movinghis antenna.

The conversation quasi is having in this video isamazing, It's so good a part of me suspects there may be a person underthe table, But Carnegie Mellon University aren't going to lie to us,are they?

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media2006.09.07 16:52

The story opens with Miles Harding, an architect who envisions a brick shaped like a jigsaw puzzle piece that could withstand earthquakes.Seeking a way to get organized, he buys a home computer (made by thefictitious company Pinecone Computers) and begins to develop his idea.

While Miles is attempting to download data from a minicomputerat work, the computer begins to overheat. In a state of panic, Milespours a nearby bottle of champagne over the machine. Instead ofdestroying it, this has the bizarre effect of bringing the computer tolife.

The remainder of the movie deals with a bizarre love trianglebetween Miles, his computer, and a cellist named Madeline. The computerincreasingly invades Miles' affairs leading to several scenes of publicembarrassment.

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media2006.08.10 09:01

wikipedia 직원이었던 분이 구글에서 강연한 내용 - 다시 보자
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