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External links

  • CIRES developed by the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Tiltomo : Image Visual Search EngineCBIR (content based image retrieval) system uses advanced proprietarySubject, Color & Texture recognition algorithms to analyze imagecomposition.
  • our.imgSeek - Site for social photo bookmarking: search images by similarity, sketch, tag, rate and get recommendations.
  • IKONA - Online demonstration - Generic CBIR system - INRIA - IMEDIA
  • SIMPLIcity and ALIP online Demos developed by Stanford and Penn State Universities
  • GIFT - The GNU Image Finding Tool - an open source query by example CBIRS
    • Viper Demo - an online demonstration of the GIFT
    • Perl MRML Client - another GIFT demo, using a different client, and combining textual annotation with visual features
  • SIMBA- demo of the Search Images By Appearance system by theAlbert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (Germany) - Inst. for PatternRecognition and Image Processing
  • FIRE online demo, FIRE homepage FIRE (Flexible Image Retrieval Engine) is another open source query by example CBIRS
  • LCPD: Leiden 19th-Century Portrait Database - an online database of 19th century studio portraits searchable via CBIR and commonly referenced in the literature
  • imgSeek - opensource photo collection manager and viewer with content-based search and many other features
  • Video Google demo - search movies for specific objects
  • Cortina - Content Based Image Retrieval for 3 Million Images. From UCSB.
  • eVision - Go Beyond Keywords! Perform a Visual Image Search.
  • Octagon - Free Java based Content-Based Image Retrieval software.
  • Retrievr - search and explore in a selection of Flickr images by drawing a rough sketch or uploading an image.
  • LTU technologies- LTU tech has deployed CBIR and automatic image classificationapplications in the media market, the IP protection market and the lawenforcement / computer forensics market. Online demo on Corbis images.
  • PicSOM CBIR tool, developed in the Laboratory of Computer and Information Science, Helsinki University of Technology.
  • LIRE - Lucene Image Retrieval Java CBIR library, which uses the Lucene search engine
  • MUVIS - MUVIS Image and Video Retrieval CBIR System at TUT- Tampere University of Technology.
  • xcavator - an interactive image search demo integrated with Flickr. Powered by technology developed by CogniSign.
  • IN2 intelligent indexing - provides multimedia content management solutions including content-based image and video retrieval.

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