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from http://gizmodo.com/340788/hitachi-builds-15+inch-ultra-thin-plasma-to-go-with-its-15+inch-lcds

Similarity Based Image Retrieval System - With the volume of data already at unprecedented levels and expected to continue to increase rampantly, technology enabling quick searches of still and video images is much in demand. In response, Hitachi has developed a Similarity-Based Image Retrieval technology, a search engine for just such large-scale image and video archives. Similarity-Based Image Retrieval technology automatically extracts quantified information intrinsic to the image — such as color, shapes and forms — and runs searches to locate a match. This innovative search technique can be used for something as basic as searching for a movie scene or image on a camcorder to something as complex as searching for facial imagery in security, video surveillance or law enforcement applications.

Hitachi 연구소에서 진해되어왔던 프로젝트가 적용되어 빛을 보는 것 같습니다. 하지만 데모 이미지가 없어서 성능이 어느 정도인지는 알 수가 없습니다. 이전에 CHI나 UIST에 만났던 연구원들은 꽤 재미있는 일들을 많이 하는 것 같아서 부러웟던 기억이 나네요. 
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분류없음2006.08.29 17:11
Old school search company Lycos will announce this morning that it’s partnering with video search company Blinkx to power video search on Lycos.com. The video search feature is available now.Everybody wants to nail down video search these days, but Blinkx hassome interesting technology. This is the second move by Lycos we’vereported on this month - new giant email rivaling Gmail’s storage was the first.

Blinkxstands out because it indexes not just text metadata but also thespoken word in video footage via speech recognition. The companyreported this summer that it’s now indexed more than 4 million hours ofaudio and video content. Thus the new Lycos video search page alsoincludes the option to search audio content as well. It’s a lot like Podzingerfrom TVEyes but for international video, with an emphasis oneducational content. Blinkx CTO Suranga Chandratillake told me todaythat if it’s Brittany Spears you want then it’s Brittany Spears you’llget at Blinkx - but if it’s a particular phrase being used byCondaleeza Rice on TV, then Blinkx’s technology is really what you arelooking for. Just search once and subscribe to the results feed,because you don’t want to go back more than once to the site until itundergoes the redesign Chandratillake tells me is coming. (The UI isinjurious.)

Google Video isn’t actually a Google (search the web) for video,Chandratillake says, and so Blinkx seeks to be. I like Blinkx’s searchresults, I’ve subscribed to several feeds from them for some time and Igo to them every time I want to do news video search. I hope that theemerging importance of video search will propel them, or someone withsimilar technology, past the world of trashy content and marginalpartnerships. Perhaps this deal with Lycos will be a good freshbeginning in a new era when video search is believed to be important.

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